Whether dismissal, warning, unfair treatment, salary increase, mental underload or excessive demand, power games, misunderstandings,

differences of opinion, neglect, request to change behavior, or, or, or: unpleasant topics are and remain unpleasant 

to deal with. As people who are halfway in need of harmony, we like to avoid them. Out of fear to drop a brick or of the reaction of the other.

For not wanting to hurt the other, or getting hurt yourself. Or for lack of "tools" to deal with this conversation.

 But what if we had these tools? What if we could replace the negative overtone with a positive perspective? What if we didn't focus on the

rain but could look forward to the purified atmosphere?

Well, then verbal duels with tough topics or types would be a goal-oriented, solution-oriented, purifying, appreciative dialogue.


OBJECTIVES - Participants will obtain understanding, tools and strategies for:

  • Address negative topics confidently.
  • Note the basic motifs.
  • Use psychological levers.
  • Communicate clearly and respectfully.
  • Solution-oriented choice of words.
  • Non-verbal aspects for a stronger presence & impact.
  • Handle different types & temperaments positively.


  • PREparation for the talk and the involved: Research + check list
  • The dialogue:

            ... for behaviour change: Active listening, empathy & building a rapport, exertion of influence. 

           ... for a dialogue: Reasoning, finding solutions, reaching an agreement.

                                           Put the other party in the picture with unambiguous content. 

           ... for announcements: External perception versus self-perception: The other person might not even be aware of the issue or be dissident.  

  • After the talk: ... is before the talkNext steps: concrete & scheduled.


2 days individually tailored, hands-on workshop. On site, online or blended workshop.

Possible:  1 follow up day, after 3-6 weeks, to intensify and round off sustainably. Face-to-face or online workshop.


 LOCATION: Upon request.                                                                                                      

LANGUAGE: English and/or German.