collaboration versus confrontation


One topic and at least two parties with differing motives and interest which are colliding…

We negotiate up to 10 times per day with family, friends, colleagues, customers and so on. Without thorough preparation, with gut instinct, amicably and stress-free.

Only when something bigger is at stake, when we have something to lose, or when the other side seemingly is too powerful or mean, it becomes critical tricky. That’s when we lose our reliable gut feeling and the head takes over. These are the moments hardly anybody feels at ease to negotiate. Why? Because we fear escalations, personal attacks, or the tricks and ruses of our opponent.

Yet the opponent is never the problem, the unsolved issue is! And that’s exactly where we can counter deliberately: Rationally, with purposeful rhetoric, tactical empathy and the right strategy.

Negotiations are no combats. Quite the contrary. Negotiations stand for understanding, trust, respect and reliability. 



  • Negotiating with a positive feeling.
  • Confident and sure-footed appearance.
  •  Master rhetorical negotiation techniques.
  •  Identify and manage the different types of negotiators.
  • Having different methods at your disposal.
  •  Understanding of the psychological trigger points.
  •  Successful negotiation, using the proper strategies and techniques.


A 2 days workshop, individually tailored, hands-on workshop. 

+ 2 follow up days, each one after 3-6 weeks, to complement, intensify and round off sustainably. 

All trainings can take placeOn site, online or blended, according to your requirements or preference.


This two-day workshop plus 2 follow-up days provide you with … 

…individually tailored solutions for your negotiations.

…practical rhetorical tools for immediate implementation. 

…new perspectives.

…neuroscientific insights into human behavior.

…a hands-on approach.



Two-day workshop – Essentials to negotiate successfully.

  • Preparation – The Conman approach.
  • SEK, Harvard & FBI.
  • Vital rhetorical negotiation skills.
  • The power of the voice.
  • The Sherlock Holmes approach.
  • Behind the scenes glimpse: How do humans tick and why.
  • Anchoring: Do’s and don’ts.
  • Spoilt for choice: Levers & tactics.
  • It’s all a matter of control – over the situation, the emotions, the ego…

Follow-up day 1 - Types of negotiators and their speech & behavioural patterns. 

Follow-up day 2 -Talk up & additional techniques & possibilities when push comes to shove.


LOCATION: Upon request.                                                                                                      

LANGUAGE: English and German.