Speeches & Coaching



...there are always 2 sides to a medal:


1. Me performing for you

With pleasure I offer you speeches on all my communication topics, which  

together we can adapt to your requirements. Duration: upon request.


2. Coaching you for your performance

Equally  I  like to support your presentation or lecture with a coaching that refines your performance in content, structure, effect, preparation, and use of technology. The goal is to make you fit like a high-performance athlete, who can enjoy the moment of "delivering" with self-confidence, because the training and coaching has automised the content to a point where the brain can relax and the heart takes over with joy.




You are successful. You have been promoted or headhunted. You are now in a new position, in new surroundings, with a new team in order to become even more successful...

But unfortunately it’s not quite working out. You’re not feeling comfortable anymore. You don’t perform as easily and intuitively as you used to. You feel like somebody clipped your wings.

That’s normal, because everything around you is new: The surroundings, the company culture, the people, the routines. You know that. The others overlook it. What’s left then is the pressure. The pressure to function in the new environment as well, to seamlessly continue being successful or to become even more successful.


Take that pressure off yourself. Allow yourself a business-coach, an objective trainer from the sidelines, who will find solutions together with you, who will lead you back to familiar grounds, who will grow your wings again.



You have talents, but which ones are they exactly? You trigger certain reactions in your environment – why is that so?

In certain situations your courage deserts you – how can you get a grip on this?

Life consists of action and reaction, of giving and taking, of sowing and reaping.

To make the reaction a positive one and the harvest plentiful: Get to know yourself and unfold your personality.

Only he who knows himself is able to change the world.


And this is exactly where personality coaching puts the lever: Through targeted searching for your own values, your self- and public image as well as your own visions and perspectives we will find ways and solutions together that will successfully guide you to your aim.  Get to know yourself, unfold yourself. Radiate success – and drive the success home.



A crisis is a difference in opinion, or an unpleasant situation. A reason to talk. A reason to act.

Without differences in opinion, or situations which force us out of our comfort zone, we would stagnate. Every insight into someone else’s opinion provides new perspectives, new facts and new views. This helps us move forwards. This expands our horizons. This “delicate issue” label that has been given to a crisis is undeserved.


Get to know the positive side of the crisis on this day. Together, we will develop these new perspectives and make a good crisis from the bad crisis. So that a crisis will never again upset you. Instead, you will benefit from it.


And should you worry that the crisis is robbing you of your voice or leaving you short of breath, then we have the opportunity of enhancing the workshop with my colleague Solveig Jeschke. She is a speaker, presenter and mediator and the ideal partner to relax your breathing and get your voice heard again. So not only will your voice lift – but your mood will too!