Do you want to represent yourself and/or your company confidently and professionally? With a clear profile, profitably and congenially? Sustainably and distinctively? Then you need self-marketing.

Anyone who wants to be successful has to take their fortune into their own hands, make their values visible and offer a targeted benefit. Anyone who wants to set themselves apart from the masses needs their own signature and a clear profile. Anyone who wants to establish themselves in a sustainable way needs authenticity and a clear recognition value.


Self-marketing is not luck or chance but targeted personal development. Get started!


Workshop: 2 days: intensive, practical and individual. On site, online or blended.



  •          Definition & application areas – What do I need self-marketing for
  •          Making your mark – personal & unique
  •          Strengths, weaknesses & the comfort zone
  •          Positioning – being in the right place at the right time
  •          Effective preparation – Me & the others
  •          Emotional bonding – the brain justifies what the heart desires
  •          Confidence & impact
  •          Structuring a dialogue – orderly & specific
  •          Language & choice of words
  •          Body language – only someone who is convinced can convince others
  •          De-stress – stage fright yes, stress no
  •          Sustainability
  •          Internet appearance (…must not be underestimated)


  •          Spotting your own talent and making the best possible use of it.
  •          Self-confident & relaxed appearance.
  •          Understanding why others work in which ways.
  •          Preparation focused on benefits and target groups.
  •          Developing messages specifically & effectively.
  •          Structuring the dialogue.
  •          Picking up & serving your conversation partners.
  •          Noticeably leaving your own fingerprint behind.


Anyone who ...

                        ...wants to appear more self-confident.

                        ...would like to be noticed more.

                        ...would like to polish their verbal and non-verbal communication.

                        ...wants to know who self-marketing works.


LOCATION: Upon request.                                                                                                      

LANGUAGE: English and/or German.