Conscious. concise. convincing.


You’ve got something to share? An idea, a solution, a request? 

Brilliant! Just approach the appropriate party and say it!

But why doesn’t the other person understand? Respond as expected? Agree? Obviously, the communication is going awry…

Basically, you are interfering in somebody’s life, dedicated to change something. But what drives you crazy with excitement might drive the other side crazy with fear. Where you see improvement, the other side might see obstacles. Where you accelerate, the other side might procrastinate. And so on.

Quite often we overlook to investigate how the other side feels, or what they need. Many times, we aren’t specific enough, assuming our communication partners know what is going on in our heads. And sometimes we send mixed messages. Finally, a thoughtless choice of words, clichés or ambiguous filler words derail or end the communication for good.


This two-day workshop provides a sound foundation for the art of persuasion and concise rhetoric. Applicable in any situation, both professionally and privately. Hands-on exercises and plenty of insights, a relaxed atmosphere and ethically correct tools will help you to understand to be understood and to be consciously convincing. On site, online or blended.



  • Clear and concise communication.
  • The right preparation is more than half the battle.
  • A shift in perspective: Understand then be understood.
  • Master the art of persuasion.
  • Clearly improved communication skills.



  • Preparation in terms of content – Background knowledge, objective & bridges.
  • Rhetoric – Speaking with structure.
  • Choice of words – Creating impact.
  • Stylistic devices –Gripping & sticky.
  • Use of language – Positive & specific wording.
  • Avoid ambiguity – No more wrong interpretations.
  • Build trust - Changing perspectives.
  • Psychological motivators – Helpful & ethically correct.
  • The Seven Sensors - Achieving a YES.
  • Neuroscientific insights - What drives or detains people to comply.



For everybody who would like to master the art of persuasion with clear language.. 


LOCATION: Upon request.                                                                                                      

LANGUAGE: English and/or German.